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My Partnerships

I work with a ton of an amazing people, from Authors, Photographers, Personal Assistants and fellow Models. This is a page dedicated to all of those fabulous people that I have worked with to create magic!!!!!! 

If you are looking to be added to this list reach out to me and lets have a chat, no project to big or small!

Reggie Deanching Photographer

This guy gave me my start into modeling, he is the owner of R+M  Photography. I honestly owe him everything because without him I would have never entered the industry. He is known for capturing all types of looks and is as versatile as he is friendly! 


Golden Czermak Photographer

Golden is the owner of Furious Fotog, he is not only a photographer but an author and a cover model. The man wears many hats, outfits and if you see him out in public he will be wearing his signature stringer and shorts! He’s a fantastic photographer and even better friend.


Christoper John Photographer

Christopher John is the owner of CJC Photography, I had the pleasure to work with him in Ohio. He is as talented as he is nice! He is known for artistic covers as well as shooting couples to really bring out those character depictions on those amazing covers!


Eric McKinney Photographer

Eric is the owner of 6:12 Photography. He is a great artist and has an amazing eye for backgrounds and nature shots. We ventured around the city until we captured all of the cool shots featuring some of Knoxville’s coolest sights!


Jose Sandoval Photographer

Jose is not just a great photographer but hes my primo. Jose has a knack for finding the coolest spots in the city of Chicago and the backgrounds have a way of bringing the model to life!

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